Our Story

Our passion and inspiration comes from blending our South Asian heritage into our training and craft. Read more to learn about our history.

Nanna pic


The ORigins

Sialkot, Pakistan

Mohammed Sharif Cheema, my grandfather, was the chef and owner of several bakeries and canteen facilities in Sialkot. His tips, tricks, skills, and knowledge has passed down from generation to generation. Chocolates and pastry were a part of my childhood, and is in my bloodline.  

Early 2000's

The Beginning


My love of cooking started at an early age – it was a way to express myself through art and food. I found myself inspired and stimulated even further through my travels, which eventually led me to attend culinary school in the Rocky Mountains.

I chased my fascination for the art of pastry and chocolate by enrolling in The French Pastry school in Chicago. Both as a student and intern to the chef founders, I cultivated a sharper skill set and curiosity.

Under the mentorship and guidance of amazing chefs, I started to explore the idea of bringing my chocolate creations to the rest of the world – which is when I joined the MCA in Chicago as a pastry chef.

Pilsen, Chicago

The First Venture


The beauty of Chicago is that at any given moment you are able to experience vast cultures, surroundings, and people. One of my favorite parts of the city is Pilsen, with its beautiful cobblestone streets and small shops it reminds me of Spain often. In 2012, we found a beautiful gallery space with a picturesque view to the garden – and have since July 2012 been continuing to build and create.

Pilsen, Chicago

The Next Chapter


As we’ve grown, we’re excited to expand and be in a larger space to create more. With a beautiful garden next door, a larger retail area, new flavors and products, we’re ready for a new challenge in a lovely neighborhood. Come visit us!