6 Piece Gift Box

6 Piece Gift Box


*Due to warm weather we do not ship May 15th-September 15th.

Assorted handcrafted truffles arranged in our signature turmeric box.

Flavors include:
Kala Namak - black salt caramel
Jaipur - Indian chili caramel
Pashtun - rose caramel 
Espresso - Italian coffee
Mexique - 66% Mexican dark chocolate
Marrakech - hazelnut coriander praline
Nariyaal - coconut almond praline
Kashmiri Chai - black tea cardamom
Zeera - honey cumin
Ginger - fresh ginger infusion
Zara - fresh raspberry
Moroccan Mint - fresh mint
Jasmine Tea - dragon pearl jasmine
Assam - lemon 
Ceylon - cinnamon

At Chocolat Uzma, we creatively combine South Asian heritage with classical French culinary training in all of our homemade confections. The shop is located in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood and channels the creativity of the converted art gallery space. We are constantly taking inspiration from our roots to innovate the world of chocolate, handcrafting small batches of unique treats featuring fresh and local ingredients.

Please enjoy your chocolates within 7-10 days after purchase. The chocolates are best stored in a cool, dry place (60°F - 70°F) and best served at room temperature. Refrigeration is not recommended.

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