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our journey begins with the flavors of the world

Embark on a voyage around the world by sampling our exotic handcrafted truffles. The richest and highest quality cocoa blends with daring flavors such as Jaipur chili caramel, Moroccan mind, and Kashmiri chai to paint your palette with the tastes of our South Asian heritage. Take a bite to begin your chocolate escapade.


our exotic Chocolate Bars

Abinao: 85% dark chocolate

Venezuela: 72% dark chocolate single origin from Venezuela

Mexique: 66% dark chocolate single origin from Mexico

Hazelnut: dark chocolate, crispy wafers, and hazelnuts from Oregon

Kashmiri Chili: dark chocolate, Saigon cinnamon, and Kashmiri Chili

Ghana: 40% milk chocolate single origin from Ghana

Coffee and Cardamom: milk chocolate, local coffee, and floral cardamom

Laelia: white chocolate

Raspberry Rose: dark chocolate, raspberry, rose, and fennel

Tropical Island: Milk chocolate, toasted coconut and lime


Choose from the following flavors of unique Sipping Chocolate:

Original Sin: Our signature sipping chocolate made with single origin and Belgian chocolates. (no sugar added)

Kashmiri Chili: Our spicy signature sipping chocolate made with Saigon cinnamon and Kashmiri chilis.


Give the gift of chocolate

We love working with companies big and small. We are happy to work with you to create corporate gifts your clients will love. We offer customized chocolates and packaging.

We also offer classes — great for outings as a group or for team-building exercises.

Please contact us for more information